“I dreamed of Zitkala-Sa…”


She stood there in her beads and her hair until her hips
With her all-knowing eyes, her unknowing lips
I think that I was a fox, I offered up your coat
And she smiled the saddest smile that I have ever knownAnd she took your orange raincoat, threw it in the snow
And said I’d better to goRed Bird, Red Bird played her violin
Such a noble music, such a beautiful skinThen she smiled a queer smile and said I am the law
And I felt the rainy heat of Zitkala-Sa
It was Zitkala-SaRed Bird, Red Bird flew into my dream
By the fallen tree, by the frozen stream
By the flash of the lightning, by the sound of scream
And I said I’ll give you everything
I said I’ll give you everything
My broken world, my broken dreams
I said I’ll give you everything

Red Bird, Red Bird played her violin again
Underneath her chin again
It made me feel like sin again
Red Bird, Red Bird I wanna kiss your mouth
I wanna taste your tears
Until they all run out

She threw down her violin and said you just don’t know
Pissed upon your raincoat, orange in the snow
Then said she had to go


released February 15, 2016
Photograph: ZITKALA-SA by Gertrude Käsebier (c 1898)Produced by Jeff Kelly
Written by Jeff Kelly © 2016 St. Brigid Publishing / BMI


all rights reserved